I teach philosophy because I believe the reasoning skills constitutive of good philosophical argument enable students to become better moral actors; an especially important skill as our globalizing world puts us in contact with an ever-increasing number of people from diverse backgrounds with distinct ways of life.

To that end my pedagogy focuses on developing my student’s critical reasoning capacities. Nevertheless, I am consistently pleased to find that many of my students also come to share my estimation that philosophy’s subject matter is itself a rich and enjoyable!

My primary teaching interests are in practical philosophy including normative ethics, political theory, and gender and feminist philosophy. I also have extensive experience teaching applied courses that deal with contemporary public issues, bioethics, and environmental ethics. In addition, I have experience teaching on topics as diverse as epistemology and philosophy of identity to historical courses on Nietzsche.

For more information on my teaching philosophy, commitment to diverse pedagogy, and student evaluations as well as sample syllabi please see my teaching portfolio below:

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