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High Scoring Outline Examples [Phillips Academy].
Click the link to download. I suggest only looking at outlines on topics unrelated to your own proposed outline.

Distributive Justice Samples

Distributive Justice; Objection to G.A. Cohen (10th grader, Phillips Academy)

According to Cohen, Market Reciprocity is motivated by greed and fear, and no one would run a society based on Market Reciprocity if they did not know that it was effective for other reasons. In this paper, I will challenge Cohen’s argument. The fact that each marketeer serves others only to gain for themselves and also knows that others do the same, results in some level of mutual understanding between opposing marketeers. This mutual understanding means that under Market Reciprocity, marketeers are not necessarily motivated by greed and fear.

Distributive Justice, Objection to Peer (Rawls Game) (10th grader, Phillips Academy)

In this paper, I will provide a counter argument to [Peer]’s premise that the inequality created by a Laissez-Faire system is unjustified. I believe that the self-interest of financial wealth will incentivize talented individuals to produce products and services desired by society as a whole.

Bioethics Samples

Bioethics of Surrogacy, Objection to Elizabeth Anderson (12th grader, Phillips Academy)

In this paper, I will argue that Anderson is wrong about surrogate mothers not acting in the child’s best interest because a surrogate mother may give the child to parents who desire it more and are therefore more likely to treat it better than she would. While her motivations may include her or the parents’ interests, they also include her belief that the child will be better-off.

Bioethics and Economics, Support for Taylor / Argument for Efficiency in Private Healthcare (11th grader, Phillips Academy)

In this paper I outline an argument to support the assertion that the commercial provision of health care is more efficient than its provision by the state. Without a commercial provision of health care, consumers lack a financial incentive to efficiently use medical resources.

Environmental Ethics Samples

Environmental Ethics, Objection to Regan / Defense of Virtue View (10th grader, Phillips Academy)

In this essay, I will justify the kindness-cruelty view against Regan’s counter argument. I believe that acts of kindness are always moral and that acts of cruelty can never be justified.

Environmental Ethics, Objection to Tom Regan, Varying Value (10th grader, Phillips Academy)

In this essay, I will examine this premise of Regan’s argument and outline an inductive line of reasoning to challenge the assertion that all ESLs (Experiencing Subjects of a Life)  demand equal respect. ESLs may assume greater levels of value beyond the baseline inherent value granted to them as ESLs.

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